Mortgage Audits, the key to Foreclosure Defense

Lou Brydges and How to Restructure Your Mortgage

Why Lou Brydges is the Best Representation for You!

Foreclosure Defense Government Sues Mortgage Lenders

How Mortgage Lender Fraud Can Help You!

Brian Williams Report: Mass. A.G. Sues 5 Major Banks over Foreclosures

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The Inside Job

We invite you to watch how Wall Street perpetrated the largest fraud in history on America.

State Attorney Generals Target Mortgage Mess

By: Eric Schneiderman and Beau Biden

November 6, 2011 09:04 PM EST

Eric Schneiderman-Attorney General for state of New York.

America’s free markets work only when there is one set of rules for everyone — and everyone plays by those rules.

It is now clear, however, that many in the mortgage finance industry ignored the rules over the past decade. This led to a breakdown in our housing market and in the market for mortgage-backed securities.

These two markets are inextricably linked. Any real effort to repair the damage caused by the collapse of the housing bubble must address the injury in both sectors. Tens of millions of homeowners and millions of investors — including retirees with money in pension and mutual funds — were devastated by this man made catastrophe. [Read more...]

Fighting for Your Rights, Defending Your Home

We invite you to watch this informative video if you are facing foreclosure, it is important to act now. Generally, foreclosure proceedings usually begin when the homeowner misses three to five payments.

If you are struggling with mortgage debt, you don’t want to wait until foreclosure begins before taking action. Being proactive about foreclosure defense can be an important element in keeping your home and getting started on the road to debt relief.