The mortgage broker who assisted you in getting your home loan was supposed to be acting in your best interest. All too often, however, mortgage brokers are biased toward the lender, making the terms of the loan unfavorable to the borrower. If you could have qualified for better terms than you actually received, your mortgage may be defective.

Signs of a defective mortgage include:

  • Your mortgage payments are greater than 40 percent of your monthly income.
  • You bought your home only recently and it is currently valued at much less than you paid for it

In pursuing a defective mortgage claim, we can take legal action against mortgage brokers, account executives (employees of the lender), underwriters, lenders, appraisers and other parties who contributed to your loss. Our Illinois attorneys are adept at achieving results through negotiation and litigation, depending on the situation. We are dedicated to helping you keep your property and getting you on the road to debt relief.

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